United Artists TheatersSOUTH BLOCK, LEVEL 3303.454.9032 COMING SOON! Lime: An American CantinaSOUTH BLOCK, LEVEL 3303.629.5463 Coyote Ugly SaloonNORTH BLOCK, LEVEL 3303.534.8459 COMING SOON! Lucky Strike LanesNORTH BLOCK, LEVEL 3303.629.9090 H&MNORTH BLOCK, LEVELS 1, 2, 31.855.466.7467


COMING SOON! COMING SOON! COMING SOON! The Glass HouseNORTH BLOCK, LEVEL 2303-534-0110 Journey’sNORTH BLOCK, LEVEL 2720.932.5464 I Heart DenverNORTH BLOCK, LEVEL 2720.317.2328 COMING SOON! COMING SOON! Denver Nail LoungeNORTH BLOCK, LEVEL 2303.623.2335 Banana RepublicNORTH BLOCK, LEVEL 2303.825.1488 GNCSOUTH BLOCK, LEVEL 2303.454.9611 COMING SOON! H&MNORTH BLOCK, LEVELS 1, 2, 31.855.466.7467 The Hat CollectionSOUTH BLOCK, LEVEL 2303.623.0005 COMING SOON! Hard Rock CafeSOUTH BLOCK, LEVELS 1, 2303.623.3191 Francesca’sSOUTH BLOCK, LEVEL 1303.260.6020 COMING SOON! COMING SOON!


Corner Bakery CafeSOUTH BLOCK, LEVEL 1303.572.0166 COMING SOON! Hard Rock CafeSOUTH BLOCK, LEVELS 1, 2303.623.3191 Rocky Mtn Chocolate...SOUTH BLOCK, LEVEL 1303.629.5500 Sunglass HutSOUTH BLOCK, LEVEL 1303.825.2260 Scout & Molly’s Bout...SOUTH BLOCK, LEVEL 1303) 953-2888 Sock’emSOUTH BLOCK, LEVEL 1303.893.4361 Bare MineralsSOUTH BLOCK, LEVEL 1303.623.2820 COMING SOON! H&MNORTH BLOCK, LEVELS 1, 2, 31.855.466.7467 COMING SOON! Claire’sNORTH BLOCK, LEVEL 1303.893.6956 Auntie Anne’sNORTH BLOCK, LEVEL 1303.573.3940 COMING SOON! CinnabonNORTH BLOCK, LEVEL 1303.573.3940 Maggiano’s Little ItalySOUTH BLOCK, LEVEL 1303.260.7707 SephoraSOUTH BLOCK, LEVEL 1303.825.1088 5280 Burger Bar & Crea...SOUTH BLOCK, LEVEL 1303.825.1020 Hot TopicNORTH BLOCK, LEVEL 1303.436.1723 PacSunNORTH BLOCK, LEVEL 1720.904.6919 COMING SOON! Henry’s TavernNORTH BLOCK, LEVEL 1720.399.8466 MotomakiNORTH BLOCK, LEVEL 1720.214.1390 It’SugarNORTH BLOCK, LEVEL 1303.534.0739

P1 P2 Two levels of underground paid parking, enter on Welton & 13th.

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